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Top 8 nTask Features for Seamless Project Management

If you are a freelancer, consultant or professional who has set higher personal productivity goals, nTask is an ideal tool for you.

For teams aiming to hit their metrics, productivity software can be very beneficial. nTask is one of the best free productivity software tools that offers advanced project management features for free.

nTask: a quick overview

The Basic edition of nTask is free for individuals and freelancers. Along with the free edition, you can also opt for the Premium, Business, and Enterprise plans.

  1. You can form a team of up to five members and get started with 100MB of free nTask storage.
  2. Your team has access to essential nTask project management features for unlimited tasks and workspaces.
  3. Your team can host virtual meetings on nTask. You can also connect with clients to showcase work progress.
  4. There is a dedicated timesheet section in nTask. Use it to focus on work progress and team productivity. It will also help you if your client is looking for hourly billing.
  5. The nTask Basic plan’s issue tracking feature allows you to organize and resolve issues in a professional manner.

nTask Pricing Options

Features of the nTask project management application

Together, various nTask features enable many services such as resource management, project performance tracking, team collaboration, project issue resolution, and risk factor management.

The following features can help your team become more productive when using the nTask app:

1. Project management

The project management feature helps you complete your projects faster. This section includes three sub-features and six extension features. The following sub-features allow you to effectively track projects:

A. Project planning

You can create the full project strategy here. Using features such as work capacity definition, currency definition, resource allocation, and budgeting, you can answer the following questions of your project:

  1. What will be the definition of the project?
  2. What are the billing methods?
  3. How do you decide on payment rates?
  4. How do you allocate resources to the project?

nTask Project Planning

B. Team Chat

nTask’s team chat feature lets you collaborate and communicate seamlessly with project resources and stakeholders. You can use the following services in nTask:

  1. Respond later to a request.
  2. Start personal discussions with project resources.
  3. Share updates with team members.
  4. Share project documents and manage files.

ntask Team Chat and Projects

C. Task tracking

You can easily track your project’s tasks and subtasks using the following services in nTask:

  1. Define and assign repetitive tasks.
  2. Add recipients and attachments to a task.
  3. You can configure the planned and actual dates.
  4. Create and manage unlimited subtasks.
  5. Manage task lists.

Track ntask tasks in projects

D. Extension Features

The nTask app extension features are one-click solutions for multiple complex tasks. These features are:

  1. Financial summary of the whole project.
  2. Milestones convert a large project into smaller workgroups.
  3. Securely manage all project documents in one place and provide access as needed.
  4. You can add custom colors or hex codes for easy project segmentation.
  5. Set a docked view for projects to get a one-click overview of each project.
  6. Stay informed of project progress and budget usage with in-app notifications and real-time emails.

ntask extension feature projects

2. Task Management

The nTask app is an all-in-one platform that lets you create, manage, and view project tasks online. There are three sub-features in the task management section, namely:

A. Intelligent Task Scheduling

Task scheduling allows you to orchestrate the process of assigning tasks through scheduling, creation, and management. nTask offers the following essential services to simplify the task:

  1. Estimated time to complete the project.
  2. Create and manage start and end dates.
  3. Tracking subtasks and dependencies.

ntask Smart Task Scheduling

B. Hassle-free collaboration and task assignment

You can assign tasks and to-do lists to your team members. nTask will send automated notifications so team members are always aware of their responsibilities. You can accomplish so much with just a few mouse clicks on the following services:

  1. Feedback and collaboration on project tasks.
  2. Real-time notifications to assignees.
  3. Send files as attachments.
  4. Manage multiple recipients for a task.

Hassle-free collaboration and task assignment

C. Task Progress Tracking

You can keep the whole team up to date with recent developments in project tasks. You can monitor progress through updates, logs, and activities. nTasks also provides you with the following:

  1. Set task status and priorities.
  2. Progress counter.
  3. Track the usage time of a resource.
  4. Sort tasks using categories, filters, and tags.

3. Kanban boards

nTask provides Kanban boards to manage projects at the company level or individually. You can also download ready-to-use Kanban boards with an nTask subscription.

You can choose a pre-made template and start using it without investing time in creating a table from scratch. nTask Boards allows you to perform the following actions:

  1. Link multiple projects.
  2. Workflow customization.
  3. Create multiple report columns and assign unique colors.
  4. Customize the pre-built Kanban boards as you see fit.
  5. Track task time and set new resources as needed.

4. Team management

If you are looking to effectively manage the team, collaborate with members, and track team progress, start using nTask.

ntask team management

It is one of the best online team collaboration apps. Several services of nTask’s team management feature include the following:

A. Workspace elements

Workspaces can have one owner, multiple admins, and multiple team members. The owner has absolute right and control over every feature of nTask.

The owner can designate one or more administrators who can take care of team members, access data and nTask subscription plans. The owner or admins can add workspace team members so resources can collaborate on projects and tasks.

B. Customizing the workspace

You can start customizing the nTask workspace by giving it a name, displaying an image, and inviting other team members. You can also create a unique URL for the workspace.

Share the URL with team members so they can access it instantly. You can also customize the statuses, impact levels, categories, severities, etc. that your team uses.

ntask Workspace Customization

5. Time tracking and timesheets

nTask offers both automated and manual timesheet management for your convenience. The nTask automatic web timer helps your team members save time by working from a unified platform.

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You can also manually edit and configure team timesheets based on project needs. Plus, enjoy added convenience when managing and tracking time from the nTask mobile app.

Time tracking and ntask timesheets

6. Meeting Management

nTask is a robust project management tool that also lets you host project meetings in one place. In the Meetings section of your nTask task board, you can add a new meeting and link a task to it.

You can also set the meeting date, time, location, and status. In the Add Meeting Details window, you can also add the meeting agenda and attendees.

7. Issue tracking

nTask’s Issue module allows you to add issues and define them with unique IDs. You can assign the case to a specific team member and then monitor the issue resolution progress, severity, status, release notes, due dates, status, and more.

Several filters in the Issues table allow you to sort them by ID, Status, Severity, Title, Priority, Type, and more.

ntask Issue Tracker

8. Risk management

The nTask Risks module includes a risk register and a risk matrix. You can effectively assess project risks to avoid wasting time and budget by using the nTask Risks feature.

In the risk register, you get detailed risk information such as title, owner, task, probability, impact, and description. The Risk Matrix is ​​a graphical overview of the likelihood and impact of a specific risk on the project.

ntask Risk Management

Start managing projects and tasks on nTask

nTask offers plenty of features along with flexible customizations so you can manage creative tasks and projects with just a few mouse clicks.

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