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Top 11 MeisterTask Features for Agile Project Management

From software development to task management, there is a buzz among teams to implement the agile methodology in everything they do. If done correctly, it will provide more flexibility and efficiency in the management of tasks or projects.

However, the practical application of the agile methodology is more complex than it appears. Here are the features of MeisterTask that allow you to easily implement the principles of agile development in the management of your projects.

Kanban style project board

A visual showing Kanban style project boards in MeisterTask

Visualization of the progress of the work is an essential principle of agile project management. If you can view tasks on a board, you can quickly resolve bottlenecks or respond to all customer feedback. Kanban boards allow you to have an overview of all the tasks in a project.

Every time you create a project on MeisterTask, you get a standalone Kanban board. Without making any changes to the status or assignee of the project, you can switch tasks from one column to another. Kanban board is also beneficial for sprint-based project management. The MeisterTask project boards consist of the following components:

1. Chronological view

An image of the MeisterTask timeline

It is a Gantt chart type tool of the MeisterTask application. You can use the Chronology functionality when it is necessary to effectively coordinate, plan and schedule tasks within the team. It gives you a graphical view of projects with calendars.

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You can drag and drop tasks onto the timeline for instant task scheduling and project planning reporting. This feature shows you the following data:

  • The assignee of the task.

  • A forecast of the completion of the task.

  • Phases of the project which are in the development phase.

2. Organization of tasks on sections

Image of MeisterTask web application showing sections

The sections of the project board allow you to organize tasks according to skills, manager, department, etc. Initially, you get three default sections after creating a new project. Later you can create more sections by clicking on the Add a section button.

The color-coded area of ​​a section is the section header. The section header consists of a section name, an icon, and a distinct color. You can customize them by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the section name.

You can move tasks from one section to another by dragging them from the parent section and dropping them into the new section. Additionally, you can also prioritize a task by dragging it up in the section column.

3. Automate workflows

MeisterTask has advanced programming that helps you automate repetitive tasks. When you create a new task or move a task in a project, you trigger an automated action in the application.

If an auditor needs to review completed tasks from the UI / UX design team and then pass them on to the application development team, MeisterTask automation can automate that path.

You can apply the Assign a task automation at Listener section. Now if someone moves tasks to the Listener section, your reviewer will automatically have access to this task.

Task management

You can easily create tasks in MeisterTask by clicking on the More (+) icon on the Dashboard Where Agenda tongue.

Likewise, organizing and managing tasks is also effortless when you choose the Project and Section every time you create a new task. The following features of the application help you with advanced task management:

4. Time tracking and reporting

An image of the MeisterTask Time Tracker widget

Time tracking is presented as a Power ups characteristic of MeisterTask projects. The timer widget comes with complex features like time chart, multi-user tracking, raw data export, manual time record changes, and more.

A red stopwatch and timer will appear on the project dashboard when you start time tracking. The time tracking feature runs in the background of the app. This is an ideal feature for freelancers who need to bill their clients based on time spent.

5. File management

A visual for managing attachments and MeisterTask files

MeisterTask gives you a simple and secure way to manage files for collaborative work. If you are a basic user, you can attach up to five files, with a maximum file size limit of 20MB. However, if you have a Pro / Business plan, you can upload up to five files per job. with a limit of 200MB.

When you mark an attached file as a favorite, a snapshot of the file is displayed on the task thumbnail. You can share a file with anyone by mentioning it in checklists or comments.

6. Relationship between tasks

An image for the MeisterTask task relationship function

If you want to define task dependencies, you can enable the Relationships between tasks from the project’s Power-Ups. Upon activation, a task will display Reports in its menu bar. You can define the following relationships with another task in the project:

  • Is related to

  • is a duplicate of

  • Blocks

  • is blocked by

Project communication

MeisterTask keeps team members up to date with project events through several communication features. These are:

7. Mark teams

A visualization of marking tasks on MeisterTask

You can tag tasks based on the team that needs to work on them. All team members can see the tags on the task’s thumbnail. Tags are basically color coded labels that you can add to any task. Besides tagging teams, you can also create tags for task priorities and topics.

MeisterTask web application showing task comments feature

The comments section of the task window allows you to exchange texts with team members without leaving the MeisterTask environment. Your comments can consist of ideas, attachment links, reminders, etc., mentioning team members.

In its default state, the lower section of a task window displays the Activity characteristic. You can change it to Conversations to review the comments on the tasks. The comment editor comes with features like delete, edit, emoji, and @username.

9. Email notifications

An image showing the email notification choices on MeisterTask

The MeisterTask project management app offers multiple notification choices so you can always know what’s going on with the project. These email notifications are:

  • Reminder of the due date of the task

  • Mentions and comments

  • New tasks

  • Reactions to comments

  • A periodic summary

Bonus features

In addition to the features specific to the agile methodology, the tool also comes with the following essential features:

10. Dashboard

An image showing the MeisterTask dashboard

The MeisterTask dashboard displays an all-in-one overview of your working day. It consists of Quote & Welcome, Colors, MeisterTask Photos, My Tasks, Notifications, etc.

You will also see a My checklist column. This feature is perfect for writing small tasks or to-do lists.

11. Progress reports

MiesterTask reports are a statistical component of your project. It allows you to generate meaningful visualizations of project performance. You can collect, track and analyze project data in the Reports tab of the application.

You can either let the application generate Quick reports for you or change scan settings to produce Custom reports.

Project management made simple and intuitive

The aforementioned features of MeisterTask allow any team to complete projects faster. This is because your team can follow a focused workflow and collaborate easily.

Becoming agile is the best strategy that helps you respond quickly to customer demands and thus stay competitive in any industry. In addition to using advanced software, you can also take self-paced learning to develop the best project management skills.

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