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The city of PG begins phase 2 of improving its project management

Colliers Project Leaders has worked with the City of Prince George to find ways to improve the way the City starts, manages and completes the major projects it undertakes.

The organization has completed the first phase of its process, in which it combed through over 400 City documents, comparing Prince George to other cities like Red Deer, Nanaimo, Kamloops, Thunder Bay and Kelowna. , and interviewed 45 staff members.

They shared their findings at Monday’s city council meeting, and Arun Narayanan with Colliers says there are many areas the city can improve on.

“So above all, a more structured approach is required with regard to the planning, delivery and monitoring of the project. And also coordination and communication with internal land stakeholders, and this is totally lacking, and it can be resolved, ”Narayanan said.

Narayanan said phase 2 will include the development of a board policy, operations manual and training.

Councilor Cori Ramsay said the move was among the problems she had recognized in the past.

“I will say that this project was originally born due to various issues with the capital projects, mainly the parking lot. We recognized that there were issues with delegated authority, and we resolved that. “

Narayanan said a capital project management framework will need to be implemented to give staff clear administrative responsibilities and ownership of program delivery.

Capital planning will need to be aligned with construction timelines so that planning processes have a good input.

Better procurement processes, annual planning and analysis of project options will need to be put in place with the construction industry.

Narayanan also noted that there were not enough experienced project managers for the City and that a software used by the City, ChangePoint, needed to be used more fully.

Nine areas of Prince George’s management were rated on a score of 0 to 5, with 5 being the best, but 3 being what Colliers wants to aim for:

  • Governance – 1
  • Framework, Policy and Process-1
  • Planning – 2
  • Procurement – 2
  • Capacity and capacity-1
  • Communication and Reporting – 2
  • Project controls – 1
  • Project close – 1
  • Systems and Data-2

Most other cities have an average of two to three, with some as high as four.

“It’s absolutely embarrassing where we are compared to peer municipalities. It’s not mind-boggling, but it’s understandable, and it’s really unfortunate, ”said Councilor Brian Skakun.

A policy was then put forward to help make the management of the City more effective in governing and controlling capital projects, which Council voted in favor of adopting.

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