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Team planning with OpenProject 12.1.0

OpenProject has presented the new version 12.1.0 of the project management suite of the same name. Thus, the open source software receives a team planning module in the paid enterprise version. In the free community edition, the provider unlocks the basic functions of the Agile panels.

The new team chart module defines the tasks assigned to individual team members in a type of Gantt chart in the calendar view. This should provide an at-a-glance view of the team’s workload for a weekly or bi-weekly period. Items can be reset by drag and drop. If team members are working on multiple projects at the same time, their tasks can also be viewed in Team Planner so that project managers can monitor actual dependencies at all times.

OpenProject Community Edition users can now also use a basic variant of agile panels for the first time. This allows items to be sorted into columns similar to a Kanban board, but without introducing true Kanban features such as work-in-progress (WIP) limits. Element state changes when moving from one column to another are also not passed to the base package in the Community Edition. Advanced panel functionality remains reserved for the paid enterprise version of OpenProject.

As expected, OpenProject also introduces a number of small improvements and bug fixes with the new release, making it easier for users to use the project management software. Among other things, all projects can now be integrated into the new work item dashboards, calendars and team schema using filters, there are new global roles with the ability to configure groups superusers or additional project states such as Not Started, Completed, and Stopped .

Those interested can get a full overview of all additions, changes, and bugfixes in the official release notes.

OpenProject 12.1.0 is now available, either on premise (Community and Enterprise Edition) or in Cloud Edition (Enterprise Edition only). The software is licensed under GPLv3 and supports classic and agile project management. The free community edition can be installed via .deb and .deb packages. rpm in addition to Docker images.

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