Project management

Shoothill develops a bespoke project management application for basic architecture


Shoothill, specialist in software development and data visualization, has developed a bespoke project management application for Base Architecture & Design based in Shrewsbury.

Basic architecture and design

The project involves the design, development, launch and maintenance of a sophisticated project management application to support basic day-to-day business operations.

The system will allow assigning tasks to team members, thereby streamlining the management of corporate resources. The system will be tailor-made, as will the basic unique service delivery operations.

Simon Jeavons, COO and Director of Shoothill, said:

“Base Architects is a pleasure to work with. We get to know the people and the business and adapt our system accordingly. We can’t wait to see the many benefits this system will have in the short and long term.

Custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features, such as notes and follow-up tasks, will allow the system to house all communication information related to a quote or project, to ensure that all parties internal staff can access relevant information in real time.

Harry Reece, Managing Director of Base Architects, said:

“Shoothill was attentive, professional and understanding. We look forward to seeing the impact of the finalized system integration in our day-to-day operations. “

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