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Operating in more than 150 countries, global food and beverage company Mondelēz International must be able to monitor and accelerate its consumer-centric growth easily and efficiently.

More than 40,000 employees work for Mondelēz and use several outdated, complex and time-consuming systems that store data on different platforms. The organization wanted to base project and portfolio decisions on real-time facts and information, use real-time analytics to guide resource allocation, and have a transparent system that reduced the time employees spent to menial data collection tasks.

To help drive its growth by optimizing decision-making, Mondelēz needed to accelerate its response times to ensure it could keep up with changing market conditions while improving its product marketing, management risk and portfolio transparency. Therefore, the company worked with Microsoft partner Sopheon to replace its outdated system with a single new solution that manages its innovation portfolio, resources, demand planning and project execution from one location. central.

Rather than automating the previous processes used by Mondelēz, Sopheon deployed its Accolade software, which is a unique flexible and scalable innovation system based on Microsoft technology that leverages both Microsoft Project and the Microsoft Office suite. Adopting a two-phase approach, Sopheon first implemented a phase gate process that breaks down tasks into smaller steps and decision points to ensure overall portfolio transparency. He then focused on execution and portfolio management, which included project timeline analysis, optimization, team guidance, post-launch processes, and planned versus actual revenue. .

The initial implementation of Accolade was completed in nine weeks, and Sopheon then completed four weeks of testing and validation procedures.

“The beauty of this implementation of Accolade is that we are really creating a single source of truth, not only to have all of our products, but also to manage our portfolio resources in one place,” says Andre Dias Alves da Silva. , Chief Innovation Officer. market for Mondelēz.

Accolade gives Mondelēz 100% visibility into all new product initiatives across its global portfolio, allowing the company to allocate resources and prioritize higher value products.

“Early results with Accolade have been amazing,” said Greg Coticchia, CEO of Sopheon. “By focusing on the essential elements of innovation and effective decision-making, Mondelēz International adopted Accolade quickly and set the stage for transformative innovation processes in the future.

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