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Project Management Institute courses to improve your career growth in 2022

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If you feel like 2021 has been a washout when it comes to your career, we hear you. The good news is that the Project Management Institute (PMI) only offers the online course, series or certification program that you need to help you get started professionally in 2022. If you want to improve your skills and add a enviable badge for your profile and CV, check out the vacancies below.

Get the credit you dream of

Project Management Professional (PMP) ® certification will give your resume the extra competitive edge it needs. Covering predictive, agile and hybrid project management approaches, the PMP® proves that you manage any project, using the most popular methodologies.

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Master agility

This 6-hour self-paced course will help you prepare your career for the future by teaching you how to strategize and manage projects using a variety of agile techniques including Scrum, Kanban, and more. Pass the exam at the end of the Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) ™ online course and walk away with a certified master.

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Tackle These Wicked Problems

With access to 48 instructional videos, collaborative activities and a digital playbook, Wicked Problem Solving® helps you understand the three key principles of problem solving – asking the right questions, visualizing ideas through drawing and prototyping, and taking tangible action – to find solutions to the biggest puzzles.

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Break code without code

PMI Citizen Developer ™ aims to empower ordinary people (ie those of us who are not software or application developers) to turn ideas into applications using low-level platforms. code / no-code. Enabling your team to use this emerging technology can save you and your organization time and money. This 90-minute basic class is the perfect way to dip your toes into this exciting new movement.

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Put your skills to work

With the PMI Citizen Developer ™ Practitioner course, you can practice your new skills in citizen development. Learn how to determine if a problem can be solved using citizen development, and if so, how to put together the data and resources you’ll need to make your app ideas a reality.

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Change is constant; first you have to figure it out

If your organization is looking to make big changes, PMI’s Organizational Transformation: Founding Course – the first in a series of three – will teach you about the five building blocks of successful large-scale transformation. This is the first step in making things happen.

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Prepare for the change

The second course in the series, Organizational Transformation: Implementation, focuses on applying the skills you learned in the first course and tailoring the five building blocks according to the specific needs of your organization to define your transformation strategy.

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Make things happen

Organizational Transformation: Orchestration is the third course in the series and takes your project management skills to the next level. Learn how to identify the transformational frameworks needed for big change and how to make people-centered change happen in your organization.

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