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Project management: factro receives user-defined fields

In the new major version, factro project management software gets user-defined fields (custom fields) with which individual data can be displayed. They supplement the standard fields with additional data. With the factro API, data can also be transferred automatically from other systems and vice versa.

You have the choice between six types of fields for the custom fields: Text, Formula, Choice, Number, Yes / No and Multiple choice. The text field allows you to include text elements such as customer numbers or project information. The numeric field can be used to record costs, percentages or times. The formula field is used for calculations. With the yes / no field, users can see if projects have been invoiced.

User-defined fields are inheritable – users do not have to manually enter individual values ​​such as hourly rates. With an appropriate aggregation method for sums, numbers, mean, minimum and maximum values, additional knowledge can be obtained from the data. In this way, the individual costs can be summarized at the project level. If you combine user-defined fields with sort function, you can organize and group them by drag and drop.

Another innovation concerns the main menu, which has received a new design. Besides lighter colors, support icons and a suitable structure, page navigation can be reduced. The personal menu has also been revised. Clicking on the new avatar displayed takes you to the individual settings, which also map cloud information (price, storage space, licenses).

Further information on the major version can be found in the factro-Blog. factro is a web-based platform for task and project management and is under development in Bochum. The servers are in Germany.

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