Project management

Project management efforts can dictate success

I worked on a house project that brought the importance of project management that I want to share with you.

Most organizations have found that advanced capacity project management is a critical management technique for their success. We can find projects happening simultaneously in all organizations and at all levels of those organizations.

We know that project management techniques have been around for centuries. In addition, with the advent of computer software, the design of projects and the information provided by these software packages have had a positive impact on the performance of many projects.

Whether your project begins with a blank sheet of paper on one person’s desk or is the result of collaboration between multiple departments across multiple locations, the ideas and concepts of project management are the same. The complexity can be different; however, the basic tools and techniques remain consistent across the different project scales

Some organizations have invested resources to educate their teams on the proper use and techniques of project management. Other organizations, by the nature of their professions, have project management techniques written into their professional DNA. Think about engineering or software development companies.

I recently had a friend who donated her kidney to a longtime family friend. Donating a kidney is an important and impressive gift. Nor does he begin to recognize the important project management activities that had to occur in order for this gift to be given.

As with most projects, this kidney donation started with a date when the actual procedures would take place. However, before the actual dates of the surgery, there was a significant number of tests that had to be coordinated for both the donor and the recipient. This was done to ensure that the kidney would have the greatest likelihood of acceptance by the recipient. In addition, the tests made it possible to understand that the donor and the recipient were in the best medical condition to have a satisfactory post-operative result. The various tests were at the level of a complete medical evaluation. Once the medical staff were satisfied that the donor and recipient were a match, the date of surgery was determined. This required not one but two full operating theaters and staff in physical proximity. I am happy to report that both the donor and the recipient are doing well. The brilliantly executed project management was a complete success.

The projects in your world might not be as complicated as organ donation, but as mentioned, you have the same key elements. The congruence of time, resources and money continues to be the characteristics and challenges of good project management.

I have found that organizations with a strong project management culture do better, assuming they don’t exceed their skills in not recognizing key changes in the environment. Additionally, a project management culture can provide clarity of communications across the organization.

As you close 2021 and anticipate a strong first quarter 2022, assess your organization’s project management capabilities and determine if a project management update would benefit your team.

Cornell Wright is the author of “31 Coffee Breaks to a Better Organization”, executive coach, trainer and consultant at Parker Wright Group Inc. in Stratford. The firm strengthens the development of the client team in the pursuit of customer service strategies and processes. He is a certified partner of Predictive Index. He can be reached at 203-377-4226 or

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