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Perfect your product and project management skills with Agile, Scrum, JIRA and more

Good project managers are always in demand, and now you can train yourself in skills that can elevate your applications above your competition.

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If you’re looking to launch a career as a product or project manager, or just want to build on the one you already have, the affordable 2021 Project & Product Manager Essentials Bundle is just what you need.

The “Project Management Foundation Course” will show you how to develop and apply sound management in your projects, while “Managing Project Risk” shows how to use a risk management process with your projects that engages everyone involved. And you can learn how to use your team members to their best advantage in “Project Management: Roles and Responsibilities in a Project”.

These courses also cover specific tools you can use for increased productivity. “Trello For Project Management & Productivity” shows you how to increase your team’s productivity using this platform. Kanban boards are incredibly useful, and you’ll find out how to use one to visualize workflow and reduce bottlenecks in “Kanban: Productivity and Efficiency for an Agile Lean Project”.

Learn new tips and tricks in “Teamwork Flow in JIRA” and “Scrum Master Training: Case Studies and Confessions” shows you exactly how to deliver products on time. Discover the benefits of analyzing and writing user stories in “User Stories for Agile Scrum: Product Owner & Business Analysis” and “Product Management: Agile Requirements Using Product Backlog. “

These courses are offered by SkillSuccess, which has been featured on CNET, CNN, Mashable, Entrepreneur, and TechRadar. The company offers online video courses in a variety of categories, from lifestyle to business. The former students were very satisfied with these courses. Verified buyer Louis T. gave it a five star rating, saying, “The knowledge I have gained from this class has been tremendous. My understanding of my job as a new project manager has been greatly improved thanks to this class. “

Don’t pass up this opportunity to boost your project and product management skills, get the 2021 Project and Product Manager Essentials Set today while on sale for just $ 39.99 (1 $ 791).

Prices subject to change.

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