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Innovator in project management ZenHub presents ZenHub


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ZenHub, the only team collaboration and project management solution integrated into GitHub, today officially launched the ZenHub Community, an online link where Agile software developers and product management professionals can connect with like-minded people in software, product and project management around the world. The goal of the ZenHub community is to empower technical and product teams and ZenHub users to advance their skills and careers through helpful advice, information and support.

“As the needs of our users evolved, we knew that the best way to gain better knowledge and better results would be through collaboration, so creating the ZenHub community to allow our users to learn from each other. others was an easy decision, ”said Aaron Upright, Zenhub’s co-founder and head of strategic accounts. “This new online community is an open and welcoming destination for developers and product managers to collaborate with each other, share advice and work together to create solutions that benefit the entire industry.

For project management and Agile development managers who participate in the ZenHub community, the benefits are numerous:

  • Engage in networking opportunities with your peers in technology and product management
  • Learn best practices in Agile, product management and project management from peers who work in this field every day
  • Get valuable lessons to accelerate your career path
  • Get first-time access to the latest feature launches and beta launches from ZenHub
  • See how other teams in top performing companies are using ZenHub to make their day-to-day tasks easier

Interested Agile developers, project managers and product professionals can register at in less than 30 seconds. Find out more by reading this blog post or the ZenHub community Faq.

About ZenHub
ZenHub helps software-driven organizations create better software faster. More than 150,000 developers, product owners and project managers in more than 2,500 organizations, ranging from disruptive startups to global enterprises, have used ZenHub to improve their software development lifecycle and deliver value to their customers. For more information, visit

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