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Improved mobility, project management, financial tools and user experience highlight the latest version of Unanet

Architecture, design offices and government contractors benefit from customer-centric product upgrades

DULLES, Virginia., 25 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Unanet, the leading provider of project-based ERP and CRM software solutions for the architecture and engineering (A / E) and government contractors (GovCon) industries, today released its latest product upgrades for Unanet ERP and CRM. Like all Unanet feature upgrades, customer feedback and feedback is at the heart, and the new feature is designed to deliver a more insightful and streamlined experience for workers in or out of the office.

ERP users gain in mobility, project management and financial functionality. CRM customers benefit from a new user interface.

A / E and GovCon customers will benefit from improved mobile accessibility to the Unanet ERP platform as well as enhanced project management and funding functionality.

“We are never satisfied with the status quo and are constantly working with our clients to ensure that Unanet meets their evolving needs,” said Assad Jarrahian, product manager, Unanet. “Industries are currently facing unprecedented challenges, such as rapid growth, supply chain issues, changing regulatory requirements, cybersecurity threats and hybrid workforce. Unanet provides the backbone to help clients seize new opportunities and manage projects consistently and efficiently, so that their businesses don’t fall behind. “

New A / E upgrades
On the A / E side, Unanet unveiled key enhancements to Unanet ERP AE’s Project Central Web, which gives project managers real-time information on the status and progress of their projects. With Project Central Web, project managers become more agile in their planning and resource planning, can analyze KPIs for all projects, and can easily and efficiently view billing, billing, and financial data.

Architecture and engineering firms also benefit from enhanced mobile capabilities with the latest Unanet AE mobile app, available November 6. The new app will be available directly in the iOS and Android app stores and will allow employees to enter and track their time on the go anywhere, anytime. This helps A / E companies generate invoices faster with added functionality to send push notifications to employees for time entry reminders.

The third major upgrade for A / E companies is the step-by-step billing capabilities in Unanet AE. With phased billing, finance managers can schedule flat-rate billing over a range of dates, further automating the billing process. Operations also benefit from integrated invoice review and continuous automation for invoice generation.

Improvements for GovCons
For GovCon customers, Unanet unveiled new financial tools that allow accounting for multiple legal entities. Users can now share resources between legal entities through robust resource planning and scheduling, accurate and automatic allocation of revenue and costs, and automatic consolidation and disposal, while maintaining the integrity of the business. balance sheet and income statement.

Additionally, GovCons using Unanet Analytics can access new automated ICE reports that simplify annual cost submissions. Users now have a simple way to produce the required data in formats designed on a schedule-by-schedule basis for entering into the ICE model.

For expense and time management, GovCons now have row approval to reduce the need for re-approval of timesheets and expense reports. Unanet also unveiled the offline mobile spending mode so employees can create and edit expense reports, upload images, and save expense receipts anywhere, anytime, even when Internet connectivity is not working. is not available.

CRM Updates
Unanet A / E and GovCon customers using Unanet CRM for the web will benefit from an updated user interface that gives business developers and marketers a cohesive experience to fuel their momentum by pursuing and winning more projects. Improvements to the CRM interface make it easier to use without disrupting current workflows that customers are already accustomed to, ensuring easier adoption with greater accessibility.

“For thirty-three years, we have provided unparalleled technology and we continue to invest and improve it so that our customers, in all industries, have the tools they need to be successful,” said Jarrahian. “But the world-class customer experience we deliver is even more important. Our client partnership philosophy coupled with our modern solutions enables people to truly unify their front-office vision with their back-office operations. “

About Unanet
Unanet is a leading provider of project-based ERP and CRM solutions specifically designed for government contractors, architecture, engineering, construction and professional services. For more than thirty years, Unanet has partnered with more than 3,200 project-based organizations to transform insights into actionable insights, improve decision-making, and accelerate business growth. Unanet relies on a team centered on people and invested in the success of the projects, people and finances of its clients. For more information, visit


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