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How Trimline takes project management to a new level with TAPP


Trimline owner Nick Farrell explains how TAPP works to CFR editor Jon Ingleton

Polish engineer Karol Adamiecki caused a sensation when he introduced the harmonogram in 1903. This forerunner of contemporary project management software has apparently increased production by up to 400%. Now, 118 years later, UK-based marine interior equipment manufacturer Trimline has created a solution that could have a similar impact.

Even with a high level of customization, enterprise project management systems are often not the perfect solution as they are generic by default, which is especially problematic for highly specialized marine equipment projects. So, as the cruise industry took a break during the pandemic, Trimline seized the opportunity to reinvent its processes and create a system to run them more efficiently.

Nick Farrell, owner of Trimline, gave Cruise & Ferry a full demo of the Trimline Application (TAPP) at the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo in London in December 2021. In essence, the concept is simple: break a big job into the thousands small jobs, assign them all to people who then check them off as each is completed.

While equipment work has followed this approach for many years, TAPP goes one step further and now manages all of Trimline’s operations, from quote generation to final project approval – with full visibility and control. Direct project available to customers on-site or online.

There are clear benefits to on-site tradespeople, who now have a daily schedule to track and record, allowing for quality and productivity checks. The system also manages their timing and health and safety commitments. Inbound materials are also managed more efficiently, with deliveries synchronized to be in the right place at the right time, even if the schedule changes.

Marella Cruises tested TAPP for their latest project and found particular value in easy online access to live and transparent data. As the cruise line prepares for its next dry dock, Matthew Easton, hotel refurbishment manager, said, “I have access to all live data, from procurement to resource levels. With the push of a button, I can access, review and approve all designs, furniture, fixtures and equipment. It’s great to also have access to this historical data for future reference.

Full project transparency will find favor with Trimline customers as it continues to seek greater efficiency. Giving an overview of the progress of the project is a daring step, such is the confidence of the company in its profession.

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