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AV project software in pre-launch by invitation only

Sirvez is a one-of-a-kind product dedicated to simplifying projects for AV integrators and end users. It has a full-fledged CRM that manages all elements of customer integrations, from the simplest to the most complex. The system covers: site surveys, schedule, costs for personnel, project approval – including asset management of the installed kit – and customer feedback when a project is completed.

Due to the complexity of an AV integration, it’s not just a matter of providing a quote and changing boxes; all sites should be physically surveyed to map the space and advise on the technology to be installed. This involves taking into account multiple aspects, such as the location of the technology in space, acoustics and lighting levels, projection distances from projection devices, supporting wall structures, asbestos. … And the list is long. Sirvez will simplify this whole process.

Sirvez is designed for organizations that integrate electrical equipment at customer sites. The system can be used by sales professionals, project managers, back office administrator, help desk, end users and management, who make up 85% of integrators’ staff and 100% of end users. It is not designed to replace existing systems; it will simply be positioned on top of all operational and financial systems with integration APIs that will share data between these systems.

System features include:

Site surveyMap each room / space and site with standard questions preloaded for each project. Upload images and edit them using pre-filled stickers for instant visuals.

Calendar managementManage staff movements directly from the project dashboard, calendar options include filters for clients, projects, account managers, engineers or partners.

CostsLive labor P&L tracking on projects, comparison of quotes with actual costs, staff rate automatically added to project / client when added to schedule.

ApproveDesignate the kit piece by piece / site by site. Ability to test the kit, record serial numbers, add comments to the system, and assign rooms for support and warranty purposes.

Asset ManagementLabeling assets for warranty and support, keeping a log of all kits installed and tested upon signing, with the primary ID being the product serial number through the barcode reader.

Entrepreneur managementInvite external subcontractors to join your company, assign them projects where their access will depend on the rights granted to them.

Task management – Add tasks to projects and invite multiple people, ability to add deadlines and priority levels. Files uploaded to the task manager will be visible through the files panel on the dashboard.

FeedbackAutomate comments – a pre-defined period of time after signing, all end users involved will receive an email requesting details on every aspect of the work undertaken and the personnel involved.

The system covers three types of users – integrators, freelancers and end users – offering multiple benefits to each user.

Additionally, integrators can view the calendars of freelancers and subcontractors while filtering by skill set, for example CTI, AMX programmer, Extron programmer, and more. Quotes can be requested from individual or multiple subcontractors on the basis of a daily rate or a project. When partnering on a project, it is also possible to choose the parts of the project to which the partner will have access.

Benefits for freelancers include the ability to share calendars with partner integrators; in this scenario, partners will only see the available dates and not the information for each individual calendar entry. The system also integrates with Xero and QuickBooks for quotation and invoicing purposes.

End users can pre-map all parts of their site and share this information with integrators. They can work on multiple projects with multiple integrators at once, view real-time project updates, ask questions and easily comment on individual parts / kit list items or general project issues.

Derek Pyle, Director of Operations at CDEC Ltd, one of the first integrators to start using Sirvez, said: “Lee at Sirvez has extensive experience in the AV industry, having worked for an integrator for over 5 years. It definitely helps as he knows the inner workings and some of the pain barriers that we encounter. This is one of the main reasons why we decided to make Sirvez one of their first official customers.

“As with any new system implementation in an established company, we wanted to facilitate the product (and not scare off staff) one feature at a time, and we are rolling out a phased rollout right now. We use the app to map all of our site surveys; the process is so much more efficient and the sales team loves the simplicity of it all. Having instant access to this information makes my job a lot easier and projects run a lot easier.

“I firmly believe that, when fully operational, Sirvez will have a significant impact on the industry, whether for integrators and freelancers or end users. Having all of this information at hand really makes running a project much more efficient and saves us a lot of time, money and ultimately end user satisfaction.

Lee Moss, founder of Sirvez, explains: “The idea of ​​Sirvez has been running through my head for over five years, but my original idea was from an integrator point of view, mapping site surveys, managing calendars and manage projects, etc. It wasn’t until I had a conversation with an end user, finding out about their weaknesses against integrators, that I realized that one system can solve all of their problems. As soon as I started mapping feed and wireframing pages, I realized how positively this could impact the industry, that’s when I approached a few select integrators to help me out. to realize my idea.

“We have been building the system over the last year but things have recently started to pick up speed and we are now working with a UK development team who have a ton of experience in developing a SaaS business. This allowed us to respond quickly to feedback and move the product forward. We believe that we are now very close to bringing more companies into the beta testing phase. “

Sirvez will be available by invitation-only to a number of integrators, end users and freelancers by early December. To learn more about Sirvez and to register for the invite-only beta test, visit:

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