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Apple hires former Tesla Autopilot software director for car project

Apple tried to rebuild the team for its car project after several top executives left it earlier this year. The technology major has now managed to bring in Christopher “CJ” Moore to review the software side of the project.

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  • Apple has made a major recruitment to oversee the software part of its automotive project.
  • The company is likely to offer its own autonomous driving technology as well as an electric car that uses it, as part of the project.
  • The new Apple executive will report to Stuart Bowers who joined Apple late last year.

Apple has hired another top Tesla executive for its car project, which has so far been largely kept under wraps. Christopher “CJ” Moore, who served as director of Tesla’s Autopilot division, has now joined the Cupertino-based technology major and will work on the software portion of the project.

The hiring was confirmed in a new report from Bloomberg. According to the post, Moore will report to Stuart Bowers, another former Tesla executive who joined Apple in late 2020. The Hiring is the latest update on Apple’s car project, little of which has been made public. by the Society.

Although the constant entry and exit of automotive experts in the Apple team is enough to reveal the company’s plans for the future. Apple first planned to develop an autonomous electric car around 2014 and named the effort Project Titan. Since then, it has been a roller coaster ride for Apple, first diminishing with the focus in auto production and later faltering with many senior executives completely losing faith in the project.

Doug Field, for example, the man in charge of the entire Apple project, recently left the company to join Ford. Field’s exit marks the fourth such departure of a senior executive from Apple’s automotive project since February of this year. Benjamin Lyon, Dave Scott and Jaime Waydo all left in the first half of this year. There haven’t been any other updates to Apple’s car project this year.

Apple has largely been successful in filling these vacancies on time. In place of Doug Field, Apple called on Kevin Lynch to lead the project. Prior to that, Lynch led software engineering for Apple Watch, from scratch. Another of his recent hires was that of Urlich Kranz, the former CEO of self-driving car startup Canoo and a former senior executive in the electric car division of BMW AG.

Unsurprisingly, many of those earlier signings were former Tesla executives who left the world’s largest electric vehicle maker in recent years. Bloomberg shares that former Tesla Undercarriage Chief Michael Schwekutsch and Interior Chief Steve MacManus are both at Apple now. So Moore will have plenty of former colleagues to catch up on once he’s at Apple HQ.

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